Picture that most Couple/Photographer missed out

1) A Family Portrait

You engaged a photographer to capture candid and moment on your wedding day. Your photographer didn't mention about family portrait session and on your wedding day you don't have a nice photo of you with your parent only. Most photographer don't remember this, your parent will like to have this photo taken !

1) Bride/Groom with her/his Mum
2) Bride/Groom with her/his Dad
3) Bride/Groom with their Parent
4) Bride & Groom with her/his Parent

2) A simple looking at camera portrait

Many photographer out there make you interesting artistic photo but when you are just looking to print out a picture of you and your spouse to put it at the bed side, you will want a looking a camera portrait. Simple photo like this is always missed out

3) A picture of the ring

Many people asked "Why a photo of our ring?" 
After you wore the ring for many years, most of the ring have scratches on it.
The ring photo we document down is so that after many year later you can look back and see the picture of the ring when you are newlywed. It may not seem important but just imagine after many year later and you can look back at your ring when you are newlywed.

4) A picture of your venue & decor

Is a venue / decor photo important to you? 
You spend over 30k to host a wedding and you don't even remember how the venue is like after the wedding because u are so busy entertaining all your guest. Many time before we even deliver the edited images to our couple we always receive text from to check if we have photo of their reception table decor photo / venue photos because they was so busy and they didn't even got time to look at the decor styled by other vendor or DIY by their bridesmaid & groomsmen.