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Actual Day Photography


  • How many hours do i need ?
    Duration of the photography depend on the number of programmes you have on your wedding day.

    For a Chinese wedding from morning gate crash and dinner with solemnization, tea ceremony and gate crash will take about 10 hour. Some wedding do not have so many event happening and 8 hour usually will be more than enough. We can meet up and let me advise you the number of hour you need on your wedding day.

  • How many images will be return for 6/8/10 hour actual day wedding ?
    I can't give you an exact number of how many photo will be return. The amount of photo capture depend on the the program you have on your wedding day, If there's isn't any much program (gate crash, tea ceremony, solemnization, ete etc) the number of photo will be lesser.

  • Can I request a Black & White image to be return in color?
    Not all photo can be deliver in Black and white and not all image can be return in color. We only deliver what we think is good for the image to look like.

  • How long will it take for us to receive our photograph after our wedding?
    Will take 3 - 7 week for us to post-processed the photos. We wont take longer than 7 week.

  • Will you schedule a meet up with us before our wedding?
    Yes, we will schedule a meet up with you before your wedding to understand your schedule and also advise you on what you will expect on the day itself.

  • Will you stay if our wedding is over run?
    Yes We do have over run rate and we will sneak your approval before i continue doing the coverage.

  • Any morning & late night charges ?
    Yes. There's $50 charges for wedding before 7 am and after 11pm

  • Are we able to soft book a date before confirmation ?

  • Do you provide cinematography service ?

  • Do you return the RAW files ?


Payment Method


  • How do we confirm a booking?
    You can confirm the booking via email/what-apps and we will send you the invoice to do the deposit.

  • How much amount is the deposit?
    The deposit is 50% of your total amount.

  • What type of payment method is available ?
    Ibanking, Cash or cheque

  • If I were to cancel the booking, will you refund back my deposit ?
    The deposit is non-refundable. The deposit is to secure your wedding date slot and once you signed the contract, i reject all booking of your wedding date

  •  Do we need to provide you lunch/dinner?
    We will be very thankful if you want to feed us, feeding us is not stated in the contract but by feeding us let us feel appreciated and happy. 

  • What is the "online gallery " you mention in the package?
    The online gallery is a private portal to host all your digital files. You can share the image with your family and friend anytime and anywhere. You are also able to download the full resolution files from the online gallery.

  •  What is the "slideshow " you mention in the package?
    Before we deliver you the few hundreds photo, we will create a highlight slideshow of your wedding. You can easily share this slideshow to your friends and family. 

  •  Is there any additional charges if i have a split day wedding?
    Yes. There's a split day charges.

  •  How long have you been shooting wedding?
    We started shooting for wedding on 2014 and during our time we do LIVE Photography with instant print services. By the word LIVE also mean we need to be able to capture the photo in the correct exposure in order to project the photo on the LIVEFEED and also print it out. We are founder of Printiculous

  • What type of equipment do you bring to my wedding
    We used professional Sony equipment and we also bring along back up in case of any equipment failure there will not be any downtime.  The photo on our website are shot by Sony system.