We are looking for studio intern who are looking to explore their creativity and get hands on experience in photography and design.

Skills required:

  • Must have an open mind and willing to learn

  • Experience not a must, but must have great interest in photography

  • Must have basic graphic and layout design skills, preferably good in photoshop, illustrator etc

  • Have an eye for details

  • Familiar with social media and how to use them for marketing

  • Able to work in a team and understand the importance of communications

  • Willing to work on the field as well as desk work

Internship periods:

  • May to July

  • Sept to Nov

This is an unpaid internship which requires approximately 20 hours of commitment per week.
Working hours are flexible and may vary from time to time.
We will make sure you are well fed and have allowance to travel from home to work. We will be more than happy to complete paperwork for your college/school course credit should you require.



Are you looking to improve your photography skills and get more experience? We want you!

Skills required:

  • Must have basic knowledge of photography and editing

  • Have simple portfolio showing your skills and interests

  • Basic camera and lens are sufficient (let us know what you have)

  • Have an eye for details

  • Must be willing to work long hours and get your hands dirty

  • Understand that teamwork is very important

  • Be open to learn and not afraid to explore

Internship period:

  • Flexible, can start anytime

The amount of commitment is highly dependent on how much work you willing to put in for portfolio building. As long as you are willing to learn, we are willing to guide you along!


How to apply?

Interested to join us?
Contact us with your portfolio and tell us more about yourself! We hope to hear from you!