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Edmund & Jo with Chloe

Hired shin for our daughter’s 1st birthday outdoor shoot and was impressed with her professionalism and expertise, thus decided to go with her again for the actual birthday party too. Was really impressed by the outcome of the photos, and would probably continue with shin for other occasions. This is coming from a person with a wife who loves to take photo shoots


Alex & Shi Ning

We engaged Shin from Kimnshin for actual day wedding photography and really liked the photos that she has taken! Shin is very friendly, down to earth and is helpful in guiding us along the way. She was able to take nice and natural couple shoots for us outdoor near the venue, and is able to capture the warmth of the golden hour beautifully. She has also captured lots of memorable details, moments and people during the wedding dinner. Our friends and family like the photos too! Will definitely serves as good memory for years to come. Thank you once again!!

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Desmond & Celine

We engaged Kim & Shin for their services several times over the last few months – family photoshoot, pre-wedding shoot, wedding day shoot and Printiculous. Each time, we enjoyed a high level of professionalism and walked away impressed and very satisfied with their level of service. As someone that has never done a photoshoot before, and not to mention that I’m terribly un-photogenic, Kim & Shin were patient with me and my wife as they guided us through different angles and poses during the pre-wedding shoot under the hot morning sun. It soon became apparent that their top priority was our satisfaction as opposed to simply “going through the motions”. We were even asked to scrutinize each set of pics after wrapping up at each location and give any feedback. They even suggested taking photos at the pier at the last minute which produced some of the best photos! We had an unforgettably enjoyable morning and more importantly, very well-taken pictures that captured us in the moment.

The wedding day was no different. That they were experienced wedding photographers made the day much smoother as we picked their brains throughout our wedding planning on what might work. They maintained a good level of energy throughout the day and personally I think that’s important for wedding photographers because the couple is able to “feed off” that energy and it just makes for better pictures.

One thing that we did not expect was their level of service. On both our pre-wedding shoot and wedding day, we slightly overran the budgeted time but Kim & Shin were still extremely professional about it and continued shooting to ensure we obtained our full set of pictures. They also seem to place importance on the finer details (thoughtful printiculous logo, acrylic thumbdrive, etc) and, to us, that’s just icing on the cake. We would like to thank them once again for helping us to make the last few months leading up to the wedding day a success, and would highly recommend their photography services for all occasions!


Weemun & Jennifer

My husband and I decided to engage Kimnshin’s services for our pre and actual wedding day photography. Kim was patient and helpful in guiding and helping us to come into a decision that we were both happy with.

Both of them are professional and down-to-earth at the same time. They are kind, sincere and genuine - that’s what made us feel comfortable working with them! They gave us truthful advice on what wedding couples went through, which were incredibly helpful for us.

We are pleased with the photos and for the friendship that is forged along the way. Thank you for capturing memories and precious moments for both of us. We appreciate the hard work, time and effort both of you had put in! 


Kai Yong & Stella

Engaged Kim & Shin Photography for our Solemnization and outdoor photoshoot, process was smooth everything taken care of. Very pleased with the photos and lighting capturing the happy faces, mood and the moment for our Solemnization. Love the effects of outdoor photoshoot at as well ! Kim manage to turn things around with the weather making us look good with the sun lit sky behind. Definitely keepsake memories in years to come. Special thanks to Kim for going the extra mile!


Jason & Jessica

Kim was our photographer for our church wedding and wedding luncheon. He comes across as very experienced but not pushy or overbearing. His photos are excellent - he has the ability/artistic vision to find the right angles and lighting and he is also able to take pictures in a "storytelling" manner. We didn't get a videographer but some relatives said that, looking at Kim's pictures, it was almost as if they were there! We also used the Printiculous photo printing service for our wedding luncheon. The service is great because Kim takes the photos as a roving photographer, so guests don't need to queue at a physical photobooth but can still get pretty printouts of the event. It was a big hit with our guests! :) All in all, we would highly recommend KIMNSHIN!


Karen & Brian

Engaged Kimnshin is one of the best decision for my wedding. After quite a bit of research, I decided to meet up with them to understand how they are in person as I do ot wish to have any weird or untidy stranger to be in my wedding. Met up with Kim and Shin. They were very patient and friendly and they educate us on what they will do on my wedding day and also advise us on how to plan our schedule. On the actual day Kim is very professional. He arrives much earlier than expected to prepare. Unlike some other photographers/videographers I have seen on my friends wedding where they would ask the relatives to repeat the process a couple of times just to get the shot, Kim was very efficient and did not disturb the flow of the ceremony at all. He managed to capture all the natural moments and we love all the photos! During the wedding he was roving around and capturing a lot of wonderful moments of my relatives and friends which I missed! After a month, I finally received all the edited photos taken by Kim. Really love all the candid moments he captured and also moments that we don't even remember happening is also captured. Looking back at all the photos make me miss my wedding! Thank you so much for Kim and Shin! Without them my wedding wouldn’t be captured in each a perfect way! P.s. I recommended Kim and Shin to my Bestie and she engaged and loves them too!


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